Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kangaroo mascot

I wasn’t updating much around here because I was finishing some comic strips for a competition I’m going to participate. I hope to publish the strips here, as soon as the competition result come public.

And als0, I was working to create a mascot for an elder, children, pets and house care business, which is called “Canguravis i nens” – avis is grandparents and nens is children in catalan.

The business mascot is a Kangaroo, since this animal transmit, with it belly pocket, this sense of protection. I started to draft some versions of the animal, and realize that you can transmit different concept of the business, according to the way you represent the drawing.

I made to my client (and dear friend) three propositions:

The first one, more Disney like, has this aura of motherhood, and transmit the warmness and sense of care that is implied in the business.

The second one, quite abstract, has this friendly face and transmit the idea of proximity, kindness and trustiness.

The third one is inspired on Japanese characters, is cuddly and cute. It intends to transmit loveliness and affection.

The version my client has chose is …..tcha tcha tcha tchaaaan

The second one!

Here is the coloured version

The reason is that, since it has this neutral aspect, it helps to put him in different contexts (playing with children, caring the elder, walking the dog…), and his unique features make him easily identifiable with the company.

And you, which one you would choose?

PS. Drafting the Kangaroos, I actually realize how much they look like big rats with a bad mood face.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I have this really great little friend, who came to visit me last November.

I made a portrait of her, while I was teaching her how to draw with my Bamboo tablet.

The image above is the drawing she made with the tablet. Quite intriguing, but also with a bit of girls' poetry and innocence.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012