Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to make chocolate in case of a zombie apocalypse

From "The toaster project", in which Thomas Thwaites proposed himself to build a toaster (an everyday object) from scratch, I started to think a lot about all the technological advances that would be lost if a catastrophe would shatter humanity.

So here I begin my contribution to save something of human culture.

If the zombie apocalypse has caught you near a cocoa plantation with this post in hand, and you felt a sudden crave to eat chocolate, you’ll know what to do to make yourself this essential item of modern culture.

I have not yet discovered how to separate the cocoa butter from the cocoa itself... but hey, Google is expected to survive.


  1. Adorei!! Estou salva! Que venham os zumbis!

  2. haha, thank you. Agora so falta saber fazer o resto ; )

  3. Oba, apareceu un blog também ;-)
    Bem legal.

  4. atirando para todos os lados, heheh