Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rethinking the way of living in the city

Once we had our dreams shattered with The Big Blow, it is time to sit, and rethink our way of living

I’m collaborating, with some of my illustrations, with the 'vida+fácil' group, which means “easier life” in Spanish.

The group was created with the intention to think of better ways of living in a city. An alternative to assuming a mortgage that will chain you for life to a place or for renting - with all additional expenses you have to face; taxes, estate agency’s commissions and insurances – which also makes moving a real problem...

You can get further information here

My first collaboration was some drawings for an article about 'cloud housing', published in the STUDIO online magazine. You can see the article here

The second, to which I put much more work , was a series of 5 panels for an architectural competition (BAM-012), explaining, by comic characters, the way of living in a building with cloud housing concept incorporated.

Each panel explains one aspect of the concept, such as management, sustainability, diversity and flexibility. All together they compose a storyline that shows you an alternative, and literally, an easier way of living.

You can see the presentation here

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